M5s raises the tone on sending weapons to Ukraine

The next crucial passage in Parliament on the war in Ukraine will be on the Petrocelli case. Because, despite the 5-star Movement’s insistence that the premier come and report to the Chamber before his departure in the United States, the government is currently pulling straight ahead.

Defense Minister Guerini once again recalled the resolution passed by a very large majority that allows the executive to be able to support Kiev.

The Council for the Regulations will meet on Tuesday to address the case of the Foreign Affairs Commission whose members have resigned to allow the change at the top, except for the former pentastellato Dessì and Petrocelli himself. “Unfortunately, the Parliament today represents only the voters of the Democratic Party. No to sending weapons, Italy should return to neutral in promoting dialogue and peace”, says the latter who has no intention of taking a step back.

But in the majority negotiations are already underway on who will be his replacement. The governist wing of the 5-star Movement, parliamentary sources report, would point to Senator Nocerino while the president M5s Conte would have expressed his appreciation for the former group leader Licheri.

But in the last few hours, according to what we learn from parliamentary sources, the leader of the M5s group in the Ferrara Commission would have been in pole position, yesterday having an interview with the pentastellate guide at Palazzo Madama, Castellone.

Ferrara himself became the spokesperson for the M5s line, inviting the head of government before leaving for the United States to “receive a clear mandate from Parliament in line with the sentiment of the Italians, opposed to a military escalation and in favor of a negotiated solution” .

In the former red-yellow front the confrontation is underway, the request to the 5-star Movement is to provide guarantees so that other cases such as the one involving Petrocelli who voted no to the Ukraine decree in Parliament are not repeated in perspective. In fact, the question of Petrocelli’s succession, despite the implications on the image of the government and the majority, is still an internal fact of the 5-star Movement, but it is not excluded that it is the secret vote that determines the choice.

And the hypothesis of a ‘variable’ majority, or rather of an axis M5s-Lega, with the party in via Bellerio that could turn to Ferrara is not excluded. The games are premature but the piece of the Foreign Affairs Commission is not secondary in a political framework where the pentastellati do not intend to let go. “I would be very disappointed if Draghi did not come to Parliament”, Conte continues to repeat.

On Thursday one of the hypotheses on the table was that Draghi could report in the Chamber on May 18, upon returning from his trip to the USA. But the pressing M5s is more and more suffocating. And the ‘governist’ wing of the Movement worries more and more as they fear an axis between Conte and Salvini.

There should be a group meeting of senators at Palazzo Madama on Tuesday. The fear is that the former prime minister wants to pull the plug but – remarks an M5s parliamentary source – “so he would lose a good part of the group”. The echo of the early elections has been echoing for days even among the ‘former lumbard’ but Salvini reiterated today the reasons why he decided to remain in government. “We should – observes a ‘big’ of the party in via Bellerio – avoid going astray from supporting Ukraine, if we want to remain in the executive we need to maintain an Atlanticist line and without third ways, it is not enough to follow the polls”.

Salvini does not press for Draghi to come immediately to report to Parliament, he will do so after his trip to the United States, he remarked. But even today he launched an invitation to ask where our weapons are going and to urge a rapprochement between the parties. The 5-star Movement, explains a parliamentary source, is looking for shores in the League itself so that the attempt to get Parliament to vote on an ad hoc motion goes through.

“It is legitimate for the parliamentarians to express their own evaluation on the evolution of the conflict” and to give an act of guidance, argued the Apulian lawyer. The request is that Italy interpret a turning point in the negotiations, that they say no to the sending of “ever heavier” weapons. And that Draghi is also available on Sunday itself, that is, before the meeting with Biden, “Italy must not be behind anyone, it must not let others decide”.

A reasoning already illustrated in recent days and which would not have been appreciated, parliamentary sources report, by Prime Minister Draghi who in recent weeks has already illustrated the government’s position in Parliament. The fibrillations are linked to the conflict in Ukraine but in the majority there are also questions about the real intentions of the 5-star Movement on supporting Draghi. “He needs our votes,” observes a ‘big’ M5s. The premier – observes a ‘governist’ source – would not hold up if the Movement were to pull out, also because the League would do so too. Letta tries not to feed tensions: “it is natural that there are discussions”, observes the Pd secretary but they do not show any signs of decreasing the thrusts against Conte and Salvini. Criticisms, for example, from dem Marcucci (“I’m in the electoral campaign”) and from the deputy of Action Osvaldo Napoli (“Count be consistent and leave the majority”), while the blue Tajani emphasizes the need for weapons to be used to defend Ukraine , not to attack Russia.

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