Unconfirmed Media information: Ukrainian missile strike hits Russian missile frigate – Abroad

The ship is said to be badly damaged.

Unconfirmed According to media reports, a missile frigate belonging to the Russian navy Admiral Makarov has been hit by a Ukrainian missile in the Black Sea. The ship is said to be badly damaged. The ship has been close to Snake Island.

The information is based on reports from the local media site Dumskaya. Information about the missile strike on the ship was also widely circulated on social media on Friday, as were several Ukrainian media outlets based on uncertain information. The data has not been confirmed from official sources.

Also for example British Broadcasting Corporation BBC reported on the matter.

According to reports, Ukraine’s defense would have sunk the ship with Neptune naval missiles. These would be similar missiles to the one that Ukraine sank the Moscow ship in mid-April.

The Kremlin was asked earlier on Friday. Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russia has no information on such a case.

According to the BBC, Western defense authorities have not yet seen anything to confirm information about the missile strike.

The United States Press Secretary, Ministry of Defense John Kirbyn according to the United States, there is no information about a possible attack by Admiral Makarov. The British newspaper The Guardian reports on Kirby’s comments.

According to Kirby, the United States has been looking into the matter all day, but the data cannot be confirmed.

Admiral Makarov was introduced in 2017, which means it is quite new. The ship is 125 meters long and can accommodate about 200 people. Its home port has been Sevastopol in the Crimea.

The ship belongs to the Admiral Grigorovich class of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

American Forbes estimates on Friday that the ship would be the most attractive destination for Ukraine after the sunken Moscow.

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