Leipzig: 7 robberies – one perpetrator – robbers just can’t be caught |  Regional

Bistros, supermarkets, late night shops: a criminal has been robbing his way through Gohlis for two months. At least seven robberies are said to be on his account. And although the crime scenes are within a radius of less than two kilometers, the robber cannot be caught!

In doing so, he is becoming more and more brutal. He used it on his After the first robbery on March 2nd in the Konsum store on Landsberger Strasse, he used a knife to blackmail the cashier, and during his most recent robbery last week he threatened the staff at the “Ahoi” late-night sales outlet with a pistol.

According to witnesses, the man is about 30 years old, 1.80 meters tall and wearing camouflage pants. It always strikes in the late evening hours. His booty: between a few hundred and several thousand euros. As BILD learned, it is assumed that the man lives in the west of the city and is addicted to drugs.

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