Former US President Donald Trump appealed to members of his Republican Party to support candidates loyal to him in the next elections for the US Congress.

At last night’s convention of Republicans in the federal state of North Carolina, Trump (74) hinted that he would enter a more active phase in the period after the presidential mandate.

He announced that he would be actively involved in the campaign of candidates “who share his values” ahead of the elections for the US Congress in November 2022.

“America’s survival depends on our ability to elect Republicans at every level, starting with the November election next year,” Trump said.

During a nearly 90.minute address to hundreds of Republican officials and activists, Trump said that “they cannot choose people who have already lost elections twice and who do not support their values.“

Some Republican leaders fear that the strengthening of Trump.friendly candidates could jeopardize the party’s struggle for control of Congress in the 2022 elections.

Trump remains the dominant force within the party, but is markedly unpopular among certain categories of voters.

In the presidential elections in November 2020, Trump won seven million votes less than the Democratic candidate Joseph Biden.

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