Russian Defense Ministry: “No more war? Tell the Ukrainians”

Russian forces bombed a school in the village of Belohorivka, in the Luhansk region, where 90 people had taken refuge. The Luhansk Regional Military Administration wrote it on Telegram, according to Ukrinform. About 30 people under the rubble have already been saved, it still says.

The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that “the evacuation of civilians from the Mariupol Azovstal has ended.” “The humanitarian operation which consisted of evacuating peaceful civilians from the Azovstal steelworks ended today,” explained Mikhail Mizintsev. director of the Russian Defense Control Center. “In the evacuation, which began on May 5, 51 people (18 men, 22 women and 11 children) were rescued”, Mizintsev added, stating that “only one person” was rescued today.

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    Moscow: 4 fighters and 4 helicopters shot down on Snake Island

    In the last 24 hours, the Russian armed forces have destroyed four planes, four helicopters, three drones and a Ukrainian landing craft in the vicinity of the island of the Serpents, in the Black Sea, according to the Ministry of Defense in Moscow. The Russian defense ministry has hinted that Ukrainian forces attempted to make a failed landing on the small island between Saturday afternoon and early Sunday, possibly an attempt by Kiev – according to various Russian media – to ruin the celebrations in Moscow. Victory Day over Nazi Germany, perhaps the most important holiday in Russia. “During the night on the island of Zmiinyi, Russian air defense forces shot down two other Su-25 bombers and a Ukrainian Air Force Mi-24 helicopter, as well as a Bayraktar-TB2 drone in the vicinity of the island.” The Russian military command added that in one day “in this area four Ukrainian planes, four helicopters were shot down, including three landing craft with troops on board, three Bayraktar-TB2 drones and one landing craft”. The islet, located 143 kilometers from Odessa, was occupied by the Russian Navy on February 24, the same day that Russia launched its so-called “special military operation” in Ukraine.

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    Putin: it is necessary to prevent the revival of Nazism

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said it is everyone’s duty to prevent the revival of Nazism, which has brought so much suffering to people from different countries. This was reported by the press service of the Kremlin, when the Russian president congratulated the leaders of other countries and compatriots on the occasion of the 77th anniversary of the victory in the Second World War, the Great Patriotic War, as they call it in Russia. “Today, the common duty is to prevent the rebirth of Nazism, which has brought so much suffering to people of different countries: it is necessary to preserve and transmit to posterity the truth about the events of the war years, the common spiritual values ​​and the traditions of fraternal friendship. “, the message reads.

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    The president of the Bundestag in Kiev meets Prime Minister Shmyhal

    On Victory Day, the day that marks the end of the Second World War in Europe, the president of the Bundestag, the German Parliament, went to Kiev.
    Barbel Bas, who wanted to commemorate the victims of the Second World War, has already met the Ukrainian authorities, including Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal.

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    Il Viminale: 110,771 refugees have been welcomed in Italy so far

    110,771 people fleeing Ukraine have arrived in Italy so far: 57,619 women, 14,932 men and 38,220 minors. Compared to yesterday – informs the Interior Ministry – the increase is of 638 admissions in the national territory. The main destinations remain Milan, Rome, Naples and Bologna.

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    Moscow: a corvette destroyed near Odessa

    The Russian air force destroyed a Ukrainian corvette in the Odessa region: the Ministry of Defense in Moscow has announced this. “During the night, high-precision missiles of the Russian Air Force destroyed the command post of a mechanized brigade in the Pyatikhatka region, in the Kharkiv region, and the communications center of the Chervonoglinskoye military airport in the Artsyz region. , a corvette of the Ukrainian Navy was destroyed in the Odessa region “.

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    Zelensky for May 8: “Never again? Ask the Ukrainians”

    With a video message on the occasion of May 8 – Victory Day in Europe, the defeat of Nazi Germany – Ukrainian President Voldymyr Zelensky wanted to compare the horrors of the Second World War to what is happening in Ukraine. “We said ‘never again’. Never again? Try asking the Ukrainians. The word ‘never’ was deleted on February 24th.” The video is in black and white, he is standing in front of a destroyed building in Borodyanka, one of the Ukrainian cities that has suffered the heaviest bombings and massacres of Russian soldiers.
    Zelensky says the world experiences a terrible ‘déjà vu’. “Everyone feels the pain. Again.” “Our ‘never again’ lasted 77 years”, now “evil” is back. “Could it be spring in black and white? Could February be eternal? Unfortunately the answer is yes. Every year, on May 8, the civilized world honors those who defended the planet from Nazism during World War II: millions of lives lost. , destroyed fates, tortured souls: and millions of reasons to say to evil ‘Never again.’ We know the price our predecessors paid, we know how important it was to preserve it, and we had no idea that our generation would witness the desecration of those words . This year we say ‘never again’ in a different way, with a question mark instead of an exclamation point. Never again? Ask the Ukrainians. On February 24 the word ‘never’ was deleted. “

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    “At least 2 dead and 60 people under rubble” in Lugansk school raid

    The Russian attack on a school in the city of Bilohorivka, in the Lugansk region, left at least two dead and 60 missing under the rubble: the Ukrainian governor of the district, Sergey Gaidai, denounced it. About 90 people had taken refuge in the basement of the school and about thirty had been rescued directly on Saturday, immediately after the attack, Gaidai told the Ukrainian agency UNIAN. “Of them, seven were injured,” Gaidai added in a post on the Telegram application. “Probably 60 people died under the rubble of the building.”

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    Gb intelligence: Russians “are slow to respond to setbacks”

    The Russian military is currently a force “slow to respond to setbacks and unable to change its approach on the battlefield”: at least according to the analysis of British intelligence in its latest bulletin. And according to the British military, “these problems are likely to persist” given “the relative lack of experience in commanding officers” who have been promoted in place of those killed on the battlefield.

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    Kiev: “225 children have been killed” since the invasion

    225 Ukrainian children have already died in the Russian invasion: the figure was announced by the Attorney General’s office in Kiev in a post on Telegram. The highest number of victims was recorded in Donetsk (139), Kiev (116), Kharkiv (98), Chernihiv (68), Kherson (46), Mykolaiv (44), Lugansk (42) and Zaporizhzhia (28).

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    Gb intelligence: “Planning errors undermine Russian progress”

    “Inaccurate assumptions in the plans and management errors continue to undermine” Russian progress in Ukraine: British military intelligence notes this in its latest update on the situation on the ground, an update dedicated to the chain of command in the Russian army, which is put in difficulty from the fact that senior commanders were killed in the field.

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    Air alarms in almost all Ukrainian regions

    The alarms that announce air raids in almost all regions of Ukraine have been activated: the Kiev Independent writes.

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    From GB another billion and a half euros in arms and aid

    The UK will allocate another 1.5 billion euros to provide military, economic and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. This was announced by the Minister of Finance, Rishi Sunak, who also assures that he is “working tirelessly to put an end” to the conflict. “We are unwavering in our support for the Ukrainian people. An additional 1.3 billion pounds will help provide the necessary military and operational support they need,” reads the note which also stresses that the UK is “at the forefront of providing economic, humanitarian and defensive support to Ukraine “.

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    Zelensky: Biden in Kiev would be an “important signal”

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky believes it would be important for the head of the US administration, Joe Biden, to visit Kiev. He said it in an interview on Fox News.
    According to Zelensky, Biden is perceived in Ukrainian society as “the president of the greatest democratic civilization”.
    “I think this would be an important signal,” added the Ukrainian president, speaking in English of the possibility of the White House head’s visit to Kiev.
    On Monday, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said once again that the US administration is not currently working on a visit by the US president to Ukraine. Instead, both US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi went to Kiev.

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    Kadyrov claims control of Popasna but Kiev denies it

    Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov claimed on Telegram that he had taken control of the city of Popasna, a city in eastern Ukraine in the Lugansk region with his troops, but Kiev denies it. “Heavy fighting for the city continues,” said Oleksiy Arestovych, advisor to the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky.

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    A doctor, in the Azovstal steel plant many seriously injured without medicine

    “Many soldiers are in serious condition. They are injured and without medicine. Food and water are running out.” These are the conditions of the Ukrainian soldiers besieged inside the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol, according to reports to military doctor Yevgenia Tytarenko by her husband, who was trapped in the plant with her colleagues. “I will stay until the end”, wrote the man, also a military doctor, in a message read by the AFP.

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    Zelensky speech by videoconference at the G7 is expected

    A speech by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is expected today at the meeting of G7 leaders, who meet by videoconference to discuss the situation in his country, where the fate of the soldiers besieged in the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol remains uncertain. “May 8 is a historic date that marks the end of the Second World War in Europe, where it produced terror, destruction and death,” said the spokesman for the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, saying he was confident that the war in Ukraine would make “the cohesion of the G7 more important than ever “. Germany, which holds the presidency of the body, has announced that the summit scheduled for today, the third since the beginning of the year, will be dedicated “in particular to the situation in Ukraine” without adding further details.

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    Zelensky, more than 300 civilians evacuated from Azovstal

    More than 300 civilians have been evacuated from Azovstal, the Mariupol steel plant besieged by Russian forces. This was announced by the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, in a message to the nation. “I am grateful to the teams of the International Committee of the Red Cross and the United Nations for helping us complete the first phase of the Azovstal evacuation mission. Over 300 people were rescued, women and children.”

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