The Biden administration condemns the construction plan in the settlements: “Increases …
In a briefing to reporters held last night (Friday) by the United States State Department, the Biden administration condemned the decision to promote new construction plans in the settlements. According to a Deputy Foreign Ministry spokesman, the administration strongly opposes the expansion of the settlements because it “increases tensions and undermines trust between the parties.” The administration added that the expansion of the settlements deeply undermines the vision of the two states in which the United States believes. The condemnation comes despite the decision to reduce the scope of construction.In response to a report from reporters, the administration clarified that Israel should avoid unilateral measures “that would increase tensions and make the ability to preserve the two-state vision more difficult.” Despite the official announcement, the administration declined to comment on whether the decision would affect the decision of the President of the United States to come to Israel soon.

Earlier yesterday, we published for the first time that at least 3 different American sources conveyed a message to senior Israeli officials on the subject. According to one of the sources who spoke with N12, the White House conditioned President Biden’s visit to Israel next month on no new announcement of construction in Judea and Samaria.

Despite this, the Supreme Planning Council is due to convene and approve 25 plans that include 3,988 housing units. According to sources in Jerusalem, one of the reasons there is pressure to convene the council is to create a time gap ahead of Biden’s visit. In addition, alongside Jewish construction, Palestinian construction will be approved on a significant scale.

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