The Russian helicopter tried to take off
Trying to take off – and snatching a missile from the air: A rare document released today (Sunday) by the Ukrainian army shows the downing of a Russian helicopter that tried to take off in the area of ​​the Snake Island that was occupied by the Russians after the invasion of Ukraine. The documentation shows the helicopter being destroyed using a UAV TB2 Made in Turkey. The Ukrainians claimed that the helicopter crew was killed.

The Ukrainian documentation was published against the background of fierce battles taking place in recent days on Snake Island. Over the weekend it was alleged that the Ukrainians destroyed a Russian ship off the island off the coast of Romania and serves as a strategic point for both the Russians and the Ukrainians.

Yesterday, Ukrainian forces released documentation of two Sukhoi 27 fighter jets attacking Russian targets on Snake Island.

Simultaneously with the Ukrainian attacks, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konshenkov told a media briefing that the Russians had shot down a Ukrainian combat helicopter on the island. SU-27Three helicopters Mi-8Bomber SU-24 And a Ukrainian boat.

Snake Island made headlines at the beginning of the Russian war in Ukraine after the Ukrainians got in touch and sent the Russians “to hell”, and were subsequently attacked by the Russian army. At first there was concern for the lives of the Ukrainian soldiers, but it was later learned that they survived but were forced to surrender.

In Ukraine, residents were warned against intensifying attacks today and tomorrow, due to preparations for the commemoration of Victory Day over Nazi Germany in World War II, which took place on May 9. Russian President Vladimir Putin has a hard time presenting victories at the front and therefore, warn Ukraine, there could be multiple shelling. In Ukraine, residents are urged to stay in their homes for the next two days.

At the same time, Western support for Ukraine is growing – and not just from diplomatic representatives: Jill Biden, the wife of US President Joe Biden, arrived at the Ukrainian border today. While visiting Slovakia, she met Ukraine’s first lady, President Volodymyr’s wife Zalansky, Olena, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also visited Ukraine, including a visit to the suburbs of Kyiv, in the city of Irpin, which has suffered many severe casualties and losses, in what Ukrainians describe as crimes against humanity.


Jill Biden and Olena Zlanska (Photo: Reuters)
Jill Biden and Olena Zlanska | Photo: Reuters



Jill Biden and Olena Zlanska (Photo: Reuters)
Jill Biden and Olena Zlanska | Photo: Reuters



Justin Trudeau visiting Ukraine (Photo: Reuters)
Trudeau visiting Ukraine | Photo: Reuters


Also a band U2 Came to perform in the suburbs of Kyiv together with Ukrainian artists. Recall that singer Ed Sheeran recently released a song together with a Ukrainian band with the aim of publicly supporting the end of the fighting.

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