The parade and the explanatory speech tell about Putin’s downhill – Abroad

The biggest surprise of the Moscow Victory Day parade was the cancellation of overflights.

Moscow victory day parade was expected in advance with horror: the president Vladimir Putin fear of declaring war on the West or Ukraine and imposing a general mobilization.

Nothing like that was heard in Putin’s speech at the Red Square. Putin reiterated that he had presented talks to the West on European security in the winter, but that he had received only a nuclear threat and intrigues with the “neo-Nazis” and “banderovits” in response.

“Russia delivered a pre-emptive strike on aggression,” Putin said, referring to the ongoing “special operation in Ukraine”. “This was a necessary, timely and absolutely right decision – a decision of a sovereign, strong and independent country.”

The explanation sounds like an explanation and raises doubts as to whether support for the Ukraine war is declining, according to the Kremlin, and whether Putin’s own support is declining at the same pace.

Self the parade was clearly smaller and shorter than in previous years. The real surprise came just before the start of the parade, when the Kremlin’s press chief Dmitry Peskov said the planned Air Force overflight had been canceled.

According to the original plan, the overflight would have involved 77 aircraft, including state-of-the-art war technology and one of the Il-80 warlords, also known as “doomsday planes”. According to Peskov, the flights were canceled due to the weather, which was obvious in Vale. There was nothing wrong with the weather, and what if it had been?

Putin seemed to burst into tears as he laid a wreath at the grave of an unknown soldier. He last looked equally crushed in the summer of 1996 by his friend and supervisor, the ex-mayor of St. Petersburg. Anatoly Sobchak at the funeral.

The parade was a bit like the summer play of a youth club when the average age of the participants is about 70 years

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