REC: Second repetition of voting in Veliki Trnovac, adopted results of the presidential elections
At today’s session, the Republic Election Commission (REC) made a decision by which the elections for deputies at polling station number 6 in Veliki Trnovac will be repeated for the second time.The REC made the decision based on the complaint of the coalition Socialist Party of Serbia-United Serbia-Greens of Serbia with a request to annul the vote at that polling station.

The Center for Research, Transparency and Accountability (CRTA) announced earlier that the first repeated voting at that polling station, on April 28, took place with numerous irregularities.

The Municipal Election Commission in Bujanovac initially rejected the objections to the vote, so the coalition of Albanians of the valley had one member of the Serbian Parliament with the results at the time.

At today’s session, the REC also adopted the final results of the presidential elections, after repeating the voting at 35 polling stations on April 16.

REC President Vladimir Dimitrijevic stated that the candidate of the Serbian Progressive Party, Aleksandar Vucic, received 2,224,914 votes (58.59 percent), and the candidate of the United for Victory coalition, Zdravko Ponos, received 698,538 votes (18.39 percent).

In third place in terms of the number of votes was the candidate of the NADA coalition Milos Jovanovic who won 226,137 (5.95 percent of votes), then the candidate of the Patriotic Bloc Bosko Obradovic 165,181 (4.35 percent) and the candidate of the party Zavetnici Milica Djurdjevic Stamenkovski 160,553 votes (4, 23 percent).

Moramo coalition candidate Biljana Stojkovic won 122,387 votes (3.22 percent), Sovereignists coalition candidate Branka Stamenkovski 77,031 (2.03 percent) and Serbian right-wing candidate Misa Vacic 32,947 (0.87 percent).

He added that a total of 3,797,612 out of 6,502,307 voters voted at 8,267 polling stations in Serbia, and there were 89,933 invalid ballots.

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