Putin’s V-Day: "In Ukraine a preventive operation"

Russian President Vladimir Putin assures that “as in 1945, the victory will be ours”. On the occasion of the wishes for the Victory Day in Europe, Putin assured that “as in 1945, the victory will be ours” comparing the war in Ukraine to the Second World War. It can be read on the Kremlin website as reported by TASS. “Today our soldiers, like their ancestors, are fighting side by side for the liberation of their homeland from the Nazi scum, with the certainty that, as in 1945, victory will be ours.”

This year, on the occasion of the 77th anniversary, the event takes on special significance as the country is engaged in a bloody war in Ukraine.

The military parade will begin at 10 am Moscow time (9 am in Italy) and will be broadcast live on television across the country. 11,000 officers, sergeants, soldiers, cadets, members of the Yunarmiya youth movement, units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Russian National Guard and FSB border agents are involved.

They will parade in 33 marching columns. Also involved 131 units of armaments and equipment, 77 aircraft and helicopters.

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