In Belgrade, a parade for Russia: They wore cardboard Putin and the letter Z, two ministers also participated

After the parade from the city center, the participants laid wreaths and candles at the Cemetery of the Liberators of Belgrade. to answer questions about the current relations between Serbia and Russia, reports H1 Belgrade.

Minister without portfolio in the Government of Serbia Nenad Popovic pointed out that “Serbia and Russia have always been on the right side of history” and said that today’s generations have an obligation “to defend Serbia’s two greatest values ​​- freedom and independence”.

At the rally, with the shouts “Hurray”, “Long live Russia”, “Long live Putin”, a cardboard figure with the image of the Russian president and a capital letter “Z”, a symbol under which Russian troops entered Ukraine on February 24, were carried.

The National Public Service (RTS) today, unlike in previous years, did not broadcast the parade directly on Moscow’s Red Square, marking the 77th anniversary of Victory Day.

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