Report: President Biden is expected to meet this week with King Abdullah of Jordan
In the shadow of tensions on the Temple Mount – the two leaders are scheduled to hold a summit in the White House, and discuss security escalation between Israel and the Palestinians • They spoke by phone a month – where Abdullah stressed that his country is committed to protecting the Al-Aqsa Mosque.
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Jordan’s King Abdullah is expected to meet with US President Joe Biden at the White House later this week, according to reports. The summit will take place against the background of security tensions between Israel and the Palestinians, and the events on the Temple Mount.

According to the report, the two leaders are expected to discuss mainly the recent security flares in the region. It was also reported that during the planned visit of the President of the United States to Israel in about a month, he is considering reaching East Jerusalem as well.

King Abdullah himself has been in the United States for several days, and according to a statement from his office, he met with religious figures in New York to discuss the situation in Jerusalem. “The King affirmed Jordan’s commitment to principles of harmony and interfaith dialogue, as well as moderation and openness – with an emphasis on promoting peace and stability as pillars of Jordan’s foreign policy,” the statement said.

Palestinian demonstrators confront police on Temple Mount (Photo: Jamal Awad, Flash 90)
The tension on the Temple Mount | Photo: Jamal Awad, Flash 90

Abdullah and Baiden had a telephone conversation last month. In this conversation, the King of Jordan emphasized the importance of honoring the prayers in the Al-Katsa Mosque, and emphasized that the state will continue to take action to protect the holy places of Jerusalem. Biden told him that he supports Jordan’s position.

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