when the escaped prisoner is captured, the policewoman who had helped him is killed

The escape of the female prison officer and the Alabama prisoner who had lost their tracks after a fake transfer from the Lauderdale county jail organized by the 56-year-old warden, on her last day of work, ended after 11 days.

Model Agent Vicky White, assistant to the director of the bakery, and inmate, 38-year-old Casey White, were captured in Enansville, Indiana after a chase that ended in a car accident.

The inmate was driving a black Cadillac when he was intercepted by the police. The woman was hospitalized in serious condition because she would shoot herself when she realized their escape was over.

Casey White was in jail accused of killing a woman in 2015. The man confessed to the murder only in 2020 after being arrested following other crimes. The detainee is currently hospitalized.

The two had disappeared on April 29, when Vicky had pretended to have to accompany the inmate on an appointment with a psychologist: it seems that between them there was a relationship that had been going on for years. During the week on the run, they had managed to hide by crossing over to Indiana.

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