The opposition march started from four different parts of Yerevan

The opposition march has started from four different parts of Yerevan, in the evening the four groups will meet in France Square.

France Square is closed from May 1. The opposition has been spending the night there for 10 days already.

Armenian parliamentary opposition protests for change of government since late April, May 1 rally was announced about starting acts of disobedience. The opposition has started the struggle to lower the bar of Artsakh’s status to Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan from the announcement then. They claim that Pashinyan’s government intends to recognize Artsakh as part of Azerbaijan.

Ishkhan Saghatelyan, a member of the opposition “Armenia” faction, presented his action plan after the resignation of the authorities during a rally in France Square last night.

Saghatelyan mentioned that a government of national accord will be formed after the removal of the authorities. In particular, he noted that any status of Artsakh within Azerbaijan should be ruled out, the security system of Armenia and Artsakh should be strengthened.

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