Who are the 2022 Pulitzer Prize Winners

More than individual journalists, individuals, staff. The newspapers, the collective work. The main Pulitzer Prizes 2022 go directly to the Washington Post and the New York Times the first awarded for coverage of “The Attack”, the attack on Congress and American democracy as a whole on January 6, 2021, the second for the investigation into the controversial practices used by police throughout the United States that led to to the deaths of hundreds of unarmed people and, in the international section, to his report on the failures of the air war in the Middle East and its high cost of civilian lives.

Then the Miami Herald staff to cover the collapse of the housing development in Surfside, Miami Beach, where 98 people died. Then al Los Angeles Times went Pulitzer for coverage of the American retreat from Afghanistan and to five agency photographers Getty Images – Win McNamee, Drew Angerer, Spencer Platt, Jon Cherry and Samuel Corum – recognition for extraordinary photos taken amid the siege of the American Congress.

Finally, an acknowledgment, better: a mention, also went to Ukrainian journalists for “the courage, resistance, commitment” they showed during the war unleashed by Russia against their nation. And prize to the head Houston Chronicle for a series of articles on Republican voting restrictions.

More than individual work, the signatures, the “first women”, the personalities, the acknowledged merit of providing information is therefore attributed and recognized to teamwork, as journalism now increasingly requires in the age of the Internet, social media and investigative and reporting, in particular. Of course, then there are also individualities and Pulitzer 2022 does not deny them, recognizes and rewards them.

In fact, for investigative journalism it recognizes value to Corey G. Johnson, Rebecca Woolington and Eli Murray, del Tampa Bay Times for a series of investigative articles that revealed the toxic fumes and environmental damage caused by the only car battery recycling plant in Florida and which led to interventions to ensure worker safety.

But also in this case it is the recognition of the work that sees three journalists who have worked as a team. The first, Corey G. Johnson, writes about himself: “I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, and tasted every flavor of professional sports choke known to man. I proudly walked the hills of Florida A&M University, but this is my first time south of Tallahassee. People say they’ve never seen Columbus or me in the same place at the same time, but hey, let’s not get distracted by the rumors. Just know that my heart and mind are open. I’m interested in suffering and chasing the stories that matter. I will listen to the people who have been harmed and pushed aside. I love civil servants who believe in the mission but prefer to stay on the sidelines. We at the Times want to get in touch with you. Hit me anytime. My lips are sealed ”.

As for Rebecca Woolington and Eli Murray, the former is the investigative editor of the Tampa Bay Times who writes stories that “bring to light the wrongdoing and hold the powerful to blame.” She first joined the Times investigative team in 2018 to deal with environmental issues while Murray is in charge of “coding” for her newspaper, that is, using code to create graphics, elaborate numbers on national and national surveys and write software for the publication. He has always liked “solving logical puzzles”.

Also to the staff of the Quanta Magazine the award for “explanatory reporting” went, but Natalie Wolchover, who is senior editor of the magazine and deals with physical sciences, stood out in this area. She has also written for Nature, NewYorker.com, Popular Science, and various other publications. She has a bachelor’s degree in physics from Tufts University, studied undergraduate physics at the University of California, Berkeley, and is a co-author of numerous academic papers in non-linear optics. Her writing has been analyzed and well described in specific studies such as “The Best American Science and Nature Writing” and “The Best Writing on Mathematics”.

With the rationale for “a thorough examination of the city’s long history of failing to enforce the building and fire safety code, which allowed owners to commit serious violations that resulted in dozens of unnecessary deaths,” the Pulitzer was then also awarded to Madison Hopkins of the Better Government Association e Cecilia Reyes of the Chicago Tribune.

Two women, the first is an investigative reporter for the Better Government Association and received her master’s degree from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism in August 2016. During her school term, she served as a research assistant for the Chicago Tribune in the investigative department. and helped report projects at the Invisible Institute and Wbez while the latter is a bilingual reporter on the Tribune’s investigative team, who joined in 2016. Her work has revealed government failures that contributed to fatal Chicago home fires, defects. in Illinois weapons licensing laws and racial disparities in prices and the loss of drinking water in the region. Reyes was born and raised in Mexico City.

Jennifer Senior says The Atlantic went the award for “characteristic writing” based on an unshakable portrait of a family’s showdown over the 20 years since 9/11, “masterfully weaving the author’s personal connection with history with sensitive accounts that reveal the long range of pain “. Jennifer, of the newspaper staff, is also the author of “All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood,” which occupied the New York Times bestseller list for eight weeks and was counted as one of the first. ten books of 2014. Previously she was a columnist and book critic for the New York Times and a feature film writer for New York magazine.

Finally, after the group of five photojournalists of the Getty Imeges Agency, awarded for the photos of the assault on the US Congress, an award was also given to Marcus Yam, photographer of the New York Times, “for the raw and urgent images of the departure of US military from Afghanistan, capturing the human cost of historical change in the country ”.

Yam, a foreign correspondent and photographer for the Los Angeles Times, was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and left an aerospace engineering career to become a photographer. His goal: to bring viewers to the forefront of conflict, struggle and intimacy. His approach is deeply rooted in curiosity and tenacity. In 2019, Yam received the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Journalism Award for his unwavering work documenting the daily plight of Gazans during the deadly clashes in the Strip. Last but not least, among the “Opinions, award to Melinda Henneberger of the Kansas City Star for a series of reports for the victims of a policeman accused of being a serial rapist.

In short, modernity and the evolution of intelligent journalism wins, which through human work knows how to make the most of even the more or less artificial intelligence of investigative technologies.


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