Iran refuses to exchange sentenced to death “Israeli agent”

The representative of the judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Zabihollah Hodayyan, said that the death sentence of Ahmad-Reza Jalali, who has both Iranian and Swedish citizenship, will be carried out.

Hodayan rejected the possibility of exchanging Jalili for an Iranian Hamid Nuri, who is on trial in Sweden on charges of involvement in crimes against humanity – executions and torture of opposition activists. He faces a life sentence.

“These two cases are not connected in any way. Nuri is innocent, and his case is politically motivated. Jalali was taken into custody two years before Nuri. There is no reason for the exchange,” he said.

Jalali, a research doctor, graduate of Karolinska University and specialist in disaster medicine, was arrested in 2016 when he came to his historic homeland for research purposes.

He was found guilty of collaborating with the Israeli foreign intelligence service Mossad and collecting information about the figures of the Iranian nuclear program – for their subsequent elimination. Throughout the investigation and trial, he denied guilt.

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