China’s crazy corona measures |  Disinfectors even clean out refrigerators!

The corona measures in China are becoming more and more drastic. Pictures from the city of Xuzhou in the east of the country show a squad of pandemic workers in protective suits. The men spray disinfectant in a private apartment. The floor in the apartment is wet. Everything is sprayed abundantly. Packaged food is also taken out of the refrigerator and disposed of. Consideration of damage e.g. B. on electrical devices in the apartment – none. The measures are incredibly rigorous, a total invasion of privacy.

As a bold reparation, the residents receive a bag of disinfectants. The county’s propaganda department said the action was being carried out based on local anti-pandemic policies. The procedure follows the advice of the experts. China’s authorities have been trying for weeks to get a grip on corona outbreaks in various major cities with drastic lockdown measures. Incomprehensible: The authorities in Shanghai have again tightened the anti-virus restrictions despite declining infections. Before that, the city was already in a month-long lockdown. The Communist Party’s zero-Covid strategy seems rigid and outdated, but President Xi remains committed to it – despite the drastic impact on the economy.

By Editor