Nuclear talks: A senior US official has imposed sanctions on the Revolutionary Guards

Nuclear agreement: The real Al-Arabiya network reported that a spokesman for the US State Department, Ned Price, He said that “the Revolutionary Guards of the Islamic Republic of Iran is a terrorist organization and we have imposed 86 sanctions on it and its affiliates.” This is against the background of the report on the Saudi Al-Hadath channel that the EU may re-raise the proposal to remove the Revolutionary Guards from the black list of terrorist organizations.

Meanwhile, the Emirati channel reported that the President of the United States, Joe Biden“Declared that his country would not accept the fact that Iran is only a few weeks away from reaching nuclear weapons and stressed that it will not allow Iranians to acquire nuclear weapons.” Ali Simchani Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, tweeted on his Twitter account in Hebrew, writing: “Simultaneous progress of talks in Vienna to lift sanctions following Enrique Moreh’s visit to Iran and implementation of economic development plan demonstrates people’s high capacity for action and government control over important issues most”.

Talks to rescue nuclear deal in Vienna (Photo: Reuters)

The journalist, Laura Rosen, reported that Iran agreed, or at least expressed readiness, to consider a mutual commitment in exchange for removing the Revolutionary Guards from the list of terrorist organizations, but later refused the offer when it became known that this commitment would be made public and not kept secret. At the same time, a Western diplomat said there was no complete agreement. He stressed that “the situation is difficult because the communication between the Iranian and American emissaries is not clear.”

At the same time, a senior U.S. official confirmed that the Biden administration had presented Iran with many options containing concessions and commitments that Iran would accept in exchange for its consent, but it appears to be continuing to reject them. However, the rise in oil prices, a few weeks ago as a result of the war in Ukraine, seems to have encouraged the regime in Iran to toughen its stance on nuclear and nuclear negotiations and is therefore in no hurry to revive the 2015 agreement.

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