Ukrainian company: One third of Russian gas passing through Ukraine will be cut off

The Ukrainian gas operator announced today that it will cut off almost a third of the Russian gas that is transported through Ukraine to Europe due to the war in that country.

The Ukrainian company GTS published that announcement on its website.

As she stated, the war prevents her from reaching parts of her system to ensure its security, especially in the areas under Russian control in the Luhansk region.

The company stated that it would stop about 32.6 million cubic meters of gas per day with that decision. It is said to be a “force majeure”.

As announced, the interruption will start tomorrow at 7.00, and the company will offer Russia the opportunity to redirect gas through the second crossing, which is in the hands of the Ukrainian government.

The company states that it “repeatedly informed Russian Gazprom about threats for gas transit due to the actions of the occupying forces under Russian control” and pointed out the need to stop interfering in the operation of its plant, but that those calls were ignored.

For now, there is no reaction from Moscow.

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