The President of the City Board of the People’s Party of Nis, Djordje Stankovic, stated today that the project “Nis on Water” is planned in that city for well.known investors who are “setting up locations”, as has already happened in the municipalities of Palilula and Mediana, and that the new General the urban plan is not in the interest of the citizens.

“City infrastructure, primarily sewerage, does not have enough capacity for existing facilities, and now they are upgrading entire settlements. It is necessary to reconstruct all streets and the sewerage system first, and only then it is possible to talk about new settlements,” Stankovic said. –

Stankovic, who is an architect by profession, pointed out that he is not against the new concept of construction in Nis, but that infrastructure must be built for that.

“Nis will probably be 30 percent more populated in the next 10 years, but that means that the city must expand, and not do everything in the center. The People’s Party will closely monitor everything related to these projects, but it is necessary to include citizens, “Stankovic said.

He added that the new General Urban Plan, which was discussed on Wednesday, will determine “what will affect the fate of Nis” and that the People’s Party therefore points out to the public the government’s plans.

“Water from atmospheric precipitation will no longer be able to flow through the sewage system, but will go down the street, which has already happened in Svetolika Rankovića Street and will happen often in the future,” said Stanković.

According to him, no street in the municipalities of Pantelej, Palilula and Mediana has been reconstructed properly and each has some kind of anomaly.

“At ‘Delta’, the roundabout on the central boulevard turns into a pool after every rain, because on the one hand they made a sewer, and on the other hand they did not, because they performed works without a project. In the municipality of Pantelej they reconstructed the street but with insufficient sewer capacity “, added Stankovic.

He pointed out the non.compliance with legal procedures regarding the land provided for the park next to the “Delta”.

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