Ruzic: False reports about bombs in student dormitories, students are safe

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development said that reports that bombs had been planted in the Karaburma and Patris Lumumba dormitories, as well as in several shopping malls in Belgrade, were false.

They added that immediately after the report, members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs went to the field and about 2,500 students from both dormitories were immediately evacuated.

After a detailed check of the anti-diversion teams of the Ministry of the Interior, it was determined that the reports about the planted bombs were false, it is stated in the announcement.

Education Minister Branko Ruzic said the students were safe.

“The most important thing is that the students were evacuated and that, after the police determined that these were false reports, they returned to normal life and everyday habits in the dormitory,” said Branko Ruzic, adding that his ministry together with the interior ministry continue to monitor the situation.

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