A terrorist attack took place today (Friday) in the city of Auckland in New Zealand. A terrorist armed with a knife was inside a shopping center and attacked six civilians, some of whom were seriously injured. He was killed immediately afterwards by police officers present at the scene.

The incident occurred at a countdown supermarket in Lynn.Mol Mall in New Lynn in western Auckland. Chief of Police, Andrew Koster, Said that the suspect entered the scene and obtained a knife before he started stabbing people inside the supermarket, and when he approached the policemen he was shot and killed. “The attacker ran around like crazy,” said Michelle Miller who was in the store. “He attacked people. I heard a lot of shouting.“

A video from the scene showed a man lying on the floor and customers running in panic before a barrage of bullets was fired at the terrorist. Six injured, all customers who were in the midst of supermarket shopping, were taken to Auckland hospitals. It was reported that three of the injured were hospitalized in critical condition, one in critical condition and two more in moderate condition.

Prime Minister, Jessinda Arden, Told a news conference that the suspect is a Sri Lankan immigrant who arrived in New Zealand in October 2011 and five years ago he became a target for the security forces. Although the reasons for this are still uncensored, she noted that she supported the extremist ideology inspired by ISIS and that she also knew about the follow.up to it before the attack today. “What happened today is a heinous act,” Arden said, noting that officers shot the terrorist within 60 seconds of starting to stab people.

Police Commissioner Koster said the surveillance team “was as close as possible without disrupting surveillance” and that none of the suspect’s actions indicated he was about to carry out the attack. The police could have intervened more quickly, “he said.” According to the information available to me, I am pleased that the staff involved not only did what we expected of him in such a situation, but they did it with great courage. “

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