Murder trial in Saxony: Granddaughter is said to have strangled grandma in a retirement home

Zwickau (Saxony) – “I want to show myself. I think I killed my grandma!”

Sarah S. (32) said these two sentences to a police officer on Sunday morning, September 12, 2021, when she came to the station immediately afterwards to turn herself in. “She was crying and had abrasions on her eyes,” said the officer who recorded the case at the time of the trial yesterday. The injuries probably came from the fight with the 81-year-old.

In the courtroom, she hid behind the file with the indictment against her. During the three-hour trial (first day of the trial), she never looked at the spectators, only staring at the judge.

Photo: Bodo Schackow/dpa

What an almost unimaginable act: according to the indictment, the geriatric nurse is said to have pressed a pillow on her grandmother’s head in a Zwickau retirement home when she was still sleeping early. When Christine S. woke up and fought back, the 32-year-old sat on her chest and strangled her. Both fell out of bed.

The public prosecutor accuses her of treacherous murder! Because S. is said to have previously embezzled almost 13,000 euros from the pensioner’s account. She had given her debit card and PIN to her granddaughter for errands.

The terrible act happened here in the “Stadtblick” retirement home

The terrible act happened here in the “Stadtblick” retirement home

Photo: Pastierovic

But she became suspicious, asked for the card back and wanted to see bank statements!


Gisela R. (79) had phoned her sister the day before the crime: “She never said anything bad about her granddaughter, you just have to be careful with money.” Some time ago, an aunt of the accused died who also took care of them. Their account was also empty afterwards.

She had to wear shackles into the courtroom and had been in custody since the terrible act

She had to wear shackles into the courtroom and had been in custody since the terrible act

Photo: Bodo Schackow/dpa

The accused, herself the mother of a child (10), was silent yesterday. When she was questioned after the crime, she told the police that caring for her grandmother (cleaning the apartment once a month and shopping for her) was too much for her. The 81-year-old was only temporarily in the retirement home on the day of the crime after a fall.

The women argued that morning and finally yelled, after which the 32-year-old only wanted to silence her grandmother. When the police asked her about the missing money, Sarah S. also fell silent, the investigating chief inspector explained.

The verdict is expected in July, the accused faces life imprisonment.

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