Iberia accidentally sold cheap tickets, canceled them – and paid a high fine

About a year and a half ago, Spain’s national airline sold 4,000 tickets on the Brazil-France route for $ 118 instead of $ 1,180. The next day she informed customers that the deal was canceled. The Brazilian Ministry of Justice fined her $ 260,000

The Brazilian Ministry of Justice and the National Consumer Protection Agency in the country fined Iberia a total of $ 260,000, after the Spanish national airline canceled about 4,000 round-trip tickets on the Paris-Rio de Janeiro route which it sold at the end of December 2021 in the amount of $ 118, instead of $ 1,180.

Shortly after Iberia began marketing the tickets the low price caught the attention of aviation enthusiasts around the world and the news that the Spanish airline was selling a ticket for such a long flight at just over $ 100 went viral.

Thousands rushed to purchase a ticket, only to receive a message the next day from the company informing them that there had been a human error in pricing and therefore the ticket was canceled. Authorities in Brazil began investigating the matter and eventually ruled that Iberia had violated a section of the country’s consumer protection law and imposed a fine on it.

The airport website simple flying reported that a similar mistake also occurred this month in Argentina. On a tourist website of a Spanish company called eDreams, air tickets from Air France from Argentina to the rejection of the capital of Qatar were marketed for only $ 1.5. After a few hours, the tickets were canceled, and customers who managed to purchase at the wrong price are now suing the tourism company and demanding that it respect the tickets.

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