A traveler in northern Norway may now have to cross a 600-kilometer loop through Finland to reach the other side of the river – the reason for the bridge being in danger of collapsing – Abroad

The reasons for the collapse of the bridge are not yet known.

In northern Norway The bridge on the E6 road in Troms County is in danger of collapsing. The consequences of the event suddenly reach Finland.

The E6 road runs from Sweden to Kirkenes in Norway to the Russian border and is part of an international road network connecting European countries. It crosses the waters near Badderen, or the village of Paattar.

Now, due to the collapse that happened on Tuesday night, this section of the north road will be broken for the next two weeks until a new temporary bridge is put in place. Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK says that if a motorist now wants to move between different parts of Troms County, he has no choice but to drive through Finland.

This will extend the distance considerably. For example, a previous 380-kilometer journey from the town of Alta in the eastern part of the county to Tromsø or Yykeänperä to the west has suddenly turned into a 540-kilometer drive.

For the time being, medicines for home care and children traveling to school can be reached by boat in Badderen.

The Norwegian Road Administration cannot yet say what is the reason for the sudden collapse of the bridge.

Corrigendum 2.6.2022 at 14.14: Contrary to what was previously erroneously read in the story, NRK is a Norwegian broadcaster, not a newspaper.

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