The US waives the requirement to check Corona before arrival
After quite a few countries around the world have completely abandoned the various entry conditions following the corona and are making it easier for everyone to enter completely freely, tonight (12.6) the US also joined the list. To a country without a corona test done 24 hours before the flight, as has been the practice to date. The United States is the second destination in the number of Israelis who flew to it in May (after Turkey) with over 171,000 passengers.At the same time, entry for those who are not vaccinated is still completely forbidden, in contrast to the world trend to allow free entry for those who are not vaccinated. For example: in countries like: Greece, Cyprus, Germany, England, Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, Poland and more, can all enter just as it was before the Corona.

The US administration’s decision to significantly facilitate entry came in the wake of strong pressure from the country’s airlines and tourists, who said the condition of checking Corona for the vaccinated also led to a significant drop in demand, especially given the fact that quite a few countries no longer require it.

“Today, a huge step has been taken in recovering incoming flights and returning international travel to the United States,” said Roger Dow, president and CEO of the United States Travel Association. Accelerate the recovery of the US travel industry.

There are no queues for US visas

Along with the good news, it is important to remember that in order to fly you have to get a visa to the US in advance, which is very difficult due to the lack of existing queues. In Israel it is postponing appointments scheduled for people in the coming months because of the heavy workload they have.

At the same time, there are several criteria according to which the applicant does not have to attend a personal interview at the embassy or consulate. The list of criteria can be found On the official website of the US Embassy in Israel, such as a visa that expired less than two years ago. Please note that applicants under the age of 14 and over the age of 80 are not required to attend the interview even if they do not meet these criteria.

What happens if you cancel your US visa?

Currently the official position is that the exemption from visas to the US for Israelis is expected to occur in early 2023, but in practice there are quite a few bureaucratic matters that make final approval difficult. Among other things, the US requires access to personal data Meet the criteria of entry into the country. Thus, although the common desire to abolish visas is mutual, it seems that there are still a number of disputes and things that need to be addressed.


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