Brnjac: We are planning to move away from the concept of “sun and sea”

The minister says that the government has initiated changes through the “Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy until 2030.” which is soon going to eCounseling.

“By encouraging the development of innovative and sustainable tourism products, we plan to move away from the concept of ‘sun and sea’ and thus develop year-round tourism. Health tourism is recognized as a driving force that can contribute to the development of year-round tourism, but also as a driver of economic development and the well-being of the wider community. Accommodation with hosts is part of our heritage, and kindness and hospitality are some of the greatest advantages of our tourism. Therefore, it is very important to distinguish the provision of accommodation with hosts from apartment building, which is only a profitable business and does not contribute to the quality of life of the local community, but transforms tourist places into large dormitories without facilities and infrastructure that can support it,” she said.

She asserted that solving the two biggest obstacles to sustainability in tourism, apartment building and seasonality, requires a comprehensive and coordinated approach by the Government, regional and local authorities, entrepreneurs, and citizens.

According to her, the tools to fight against apartment building are spatial planning and categorization, which are in the hands of local and regional self-government units.

She asserted that a significant investment is needed in the development of accommodation capacities that enable the extension of the season, among other things in hotel accommodation.

Regarding the labor force problem, she said that the process of hiring foreigners has been maximally simplified and digitized, which has made it possible for employers to provide workers for seasonal jobs more simply and in a timely manner. She added that work is also being done on the modernization of high school tourism and catering programs so that, when the students finish school, they can really join the labor market.

However, as he says, the most important role is played by employers. “They are the ones who, with good working conditions, can attract and retain a quality workforce. Unfortunately, even with this kind of workforce shortage, it happens that our scholarship recipients terminate their scholarship contracts due to inappropriate working conditions,” said the Minister of Tourism in an interview with Jutarnji List journalist Dora Koretić. .

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