Vacation at the Oasis Spa Club Hotel on the Dead Sea
120 kilometers separated the urban life routine in Tel Aviv from the turquoise landscape that managed to lower the level of stress in the body to the water level of the Dead Sea. Maybe it’s the heat, maybe the desert calm, maybe the slow pace or a combination of everything that made us make a decision: it’s time to have a cocktail and go into a vacation mode.After arriving at the Oasis Spa Club Hotel and settling into the pastoral ‘Superior’ room, we went down to the pool and I immediately noticed the reason why there is such a quiet and relaxed vibe – this is In a hotel without children (Spa vacation over the age of 16). Significant advantage: It is possible to walk in the compound without receiving a water-spray from a random child, or from your child. At the active bar we were treated to a fresh fruit table, a selection of refreshing cocktails, and immediately approached the highlight of the holiday – the spa. We got a pampering massage on the treatment beds in front of the sea view.

Dead Sea (Photo: Shahar Grani)
Is it possible again? | Photo: Shahar Grani
Dead Sea (Photo: Shahar Grani)
Chilled margarita | Photo: Shahar Grani

When the world stops reigning

It does not take much to enjoy the natural qualities of the Dead Sea and yet, there is one experience that just for her was worth going down to the lowest place in the world – the Watsu treatment. A method of treatment carried out in a heated pool with salts that allow buoyancy on the surface of the water. When I entered the pool I felt how easily the body floated to a balanced position, the nape relaxed and the ears underwater. The sounds around become muffled, the only point of view is the ceiling (until the eyes close) and the feeling that the world is stopping a queen.

In an instant everything was disconnected. The therapist shakes the body with gentle movements and cradles, and with each oscillation the water creates a kind of caress. He placed a Tibetan bowl on his stomach that creates vibrations and produces sharp sounds combined with the sound of the water waves. If I could distill the feel of the body, I would say it feels like a bag in water. It’s a description that certainly does not sound particularly tempting, but the lightness of the body is just worth it.

Dead Sea (Photo: Shahar Grani)
Watsu with salt water | Photo: Shahar Grani

In addition to Watsu, the hotel’s rich spa offers a wide range of facilities such as sauna rooms, jacuzzi, salt bath, cosmetic facial treatments performed by a dermatologist, exotic massages, mud treatments, reflexology and couple treatments in romantic suites.

Indoor pool (Photo: PR)
Morocco Wave. Oasis Spa Club | Photo: PR

Back to the roots

The camels in the background of the southern trip, the warm shades of the desert and the rural hospitality of the hotel create a holistic experience that feels like we have arrived directly in Morocco. The ethnic lines are reflected throughout the hospitality experience; The courtyard is decorated in a boho chic style with garden furniture combined with wood, straw and decorated pillows. Culinarily, the hotels of the hotel ‘Nana’ and ‘Marin’ serve food and desserts from the Arab cuisine, with a band of musicians playing Moroccan strings in the background. Bonus: Breakfast is served until 12:00So there is really no need to get up early so as not to miss the meal.

Dead Sea Oasis Hotel (Photo: Aya Ben Eizri)
Lighting for those interested. Oasis Spa Club | Photo: Aya Ben Eizri
Dead Sea (Photo: Shahar Grani)
If only it were possible to convey an odor in the image. Marin Restaurant | Photo: Shahar Grani
Dead Sea (Photo: Shahar Grani)
We fainted from the baklava | Photo: Shahar Grani

A vacation with this content is without a doubt the strong point of Oasis Spa Club. Every weekend there are activities such as live performances at the hotel, workshops and guided tours, camel rides and parties.

Delicious and quality food, pampering spa and hospitality at eye level are sometimes all that is needed for a perfect and accessible vacation. These were 48 hours of disengagement and I would also say regeneration – yet the salt burns a layer of epidermis – and it is a completely natural asset that we have gained that is ours.

Oasis Spa Club Dead Sea Club, Ein Bokek.

* The reporter was a guest of the hotel

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