Zadar: Another town on the coast decided to put an end to naked tourists in the old town: ‘It’s not appropriate’

The Tourist Board of the City of Zadar has decided to follow the example of cities like Dubrovnik and put an end to tourists who are inappropriately dressed walking around the city center itself.

– Although it is not officially prohibited in Zadar, we ask that you respect the local tradition and culture in such a way that you do not wear only bathing suits when you are not on the beach, even if only for a short time. We thank you and wish you a pleasant vacation in Zadar – this is the text that will be in Croatian and in four other languages ​​on promotional leaflets in tourist offices and on several billboards in the city.

– We want to educate our tourists that they are in a special area, rich in history and heritage, where walking in swimming trunks is not appropriate. I believe that they will appreciate the rules of behavior here and in the future to see the city in appropriate clothes – said the director of the Tourist Board of the City of Zadar, Mario Paleka, for HRT.

Another problem they will try to solve is the movement of bicycles and scooters in the pedestrian zone. Although it is partly regulated by law, it is not often respected, which is why pedestrians have problems.

The proposals will be included in two consultations with the public initiated by the city’s Administrative Department for Communal Activities and Environmental Protection – on the new Decision on Communal Activities and amendments to the Decision on Communal Order.

– Following the announcements from the TZ of the city of Zadar, we expect concrete proposals from them through consultation regarding the regulation of the ban on movement through the historic core without clothing or part of clothing, in order to integrate this idea into the proposed decision – said the head Robertino Dujela.

After the completion of the procedure, inappropriate clothing within the historical walls will be fined in Zadar as well. However, the Tourist Board hopes that even the first step, i.e. posting flyers, will have an impact on this phenomenon.

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