Saudi woman opens first 5-star hotel licensed for cats

Since her childhood, she adores cats and has learned everything about them from care and attention, even the method of raising and eating appropriately, until her home includes more than 9 types of cats.

And out of this passion came the idea of ​​establishing the first licensed hotel for cats, as Saudi Huda Al-Otaibi, who holds a business management certificate, worked for years to obtain the necessary licenses to work on an integrated project away from the individual ideas that exist in the market today.

Al-Otaibi explained to that the project was not an easy matter, as it required a lot of research and study for similar projects, and she also obtained diplomas from Britain and America to reach the required conditions within the requirements of the Ministry of Environment to obtain a license.

She pointed out that it took her two full years to obtain the first license in the Kingdom to build the hotel with special specifications and with full follow-up from the Ministry of Environment.

Under the slogan “We take care of your domestic cat and take care of it to the fullest”, the soft opening of the hotel began. In this regard, she said, “We found a great demand from cat lovers, as the hotel is dedicated part of it to the full care of those who keep cats and want to travel, or emergency circumstances occur, or part-time, or to request adoption, or otherwise.”

She added, “There is a section for veterinary, psychological and health care for cats. The hotel also provides all the means of care, comfort and entertainment for the cats.”

Regarding the follow-up of cat owners, Al-Otaibi said that it “implemented a surveillance system with cameras with cat owners, to reassure cat owners that they receive the necessary care, and these cameras work throughout the day, and they are equipped with a night vision feature when the lights are turned off at night, and they can be followed anywhere inside or outside Outside the Kingdom, you can talk to the cat and its owner through the camera and check on his pet.”

Regarding the hotel, she explained that “there are multiple reservations, according to the time required by the cat owner, and a lounge with 25 different types of cats is allocated to inform cat owners of what we offer their cats, and we have suites dedicated to all types of cats. There are also visitors to the hotel, including children, and during the visit we provide them with some information about dealing with cats.”

She added that the hotel will have other branches and will include all kinds of pets, stressing that the hotel has health files for the existing cats, the vaccinations registered for each cat, the type and all information about it. She stressed that the hotel “is not allowed to buy or sell”, as they are souls just like humans.

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