Israelis on Greek taverns: “Plates with flowers on the table. We received a bill of 850 euros”
Dozens of Israelis who came to spend time in Greek taverns recently discovered after the meal that they were required to pay between 800 and 1,000 euros for flowers that were placed on their tables without even asking for them. In some cases they had to pay between 400 and 500 euros for the same flowers.In recent years, tavern owners in Greece, including in Crete, have been placing plates full of flowers on the guests’ tables, which they are supposed to throw at the singer or band performing that evening, instead of breaking the thin plates as was customary in the past. What not everyone knows, is that the new tradition costs a lot of money for the diners.

“We arrived about a week ago at a tavern in Crete. There was an amazing atmosphere and throughout the evening they put plates of flowers on our table without asking us. We didn’t touch them at all,” recalled Amir, who came with his friends and family to hang out at a local tavern during a vacation. “In the end we got a bill and they demanded 850 euros for these plates, I thought I was not seeing very well. I called the waiter and he said we had to pay because we agreed that the flowers would be on the table. We even thought it was part of the decoration of the tables. They didn’t ask our consent at all. All the food cost We have 220 euros, it’s absurd.”

In the end, after prolonged arguments, Amir and his friends paid 250 euros for the flowers even though they did not use them and did not understand their meaning. “It feels like a sting. If they had come and asked us if we wanted the flowers and informed us that they cost money, we would not have agreed, but they didn’t ask us. When we got to the hotel, I realized that there were other Israelis who had this happen to them in the same tavern,” Amir noted.

“They work in a successful way”

A similar incident also happened to Efrat and her husband in another tavern on the island. At the end of the evening they were required to pay 820 euros for the flower plates that they did not order and did not ask for. “We had no idea what the flowers were doing on the table,” repeated Efrat. “After we received a bill for 820 euros, the owner of the place came and claimed that we ordered the flowers to throw at the singer. We replied that we didn’t ask for any flowers and we didn’t order anything and that we wouldn’t pay the bill and that he would call the police. In the end we paid 120 euros for the flowers and ran away.”

There were also Israelis who insisted on not paying for the plates of flowers they didn’t order, and after many arguments including threats to call the police, the tavern owners gave up and settled for paying only for the meals and drinks.

Tavern in Greece (photo: courtesy of the photographer)
Tavern in Greece | Photo: Courtesy of the photographer

“We decided not to give up on them and not to pay for anything we didn’t order. The whole meal cost us 250 euros for eight people and they wanted us to pay 820 euros for flowers we didn’t order and didn’t want and didn’t ask us. They work in a successful way,” said Shani. “We proved to them that we are not stupid and threatened to call the police to complain about the sting they did to us, but the owners of the place came under pressure. We apologized and asked that we pay only for the food and alcohol we ordered. Our goal is to warn Israelis not to go near the taverns, which are a tourist trap for Israelis, and to ask at the beginning of the evening to take the flowers from the tables and warn them not to pay One euro”.


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