A woman breastfeeds her cat during a flight

During a routine Delta Airlines flight, a woman was caught while trying to breastfeed … her cat and refused a demand to stop. The pilot sent a message to the security company to come and take care of it – and everyone who read it was horrified

We have already encountered the delusional things that happened on the flights, but there is a situation where the following case breaks a record: a woman who boarded a Delta Airlines flight stunned the passengers when according to the suspicion during the flight she extracted a breast and breastfed her pet cat.

This bizarre incident occurred on a flight en route from New York to Atlanta apparently, although it is not clear exactly when it occurred.

The demon dance around this incident began after about a week ago a message was posted on Twitter that the pilot apparently passed on before landing in the internal messaging system. The message said that a passenger in seat 13A “breastfeeds her cat and does not put him in his place as requested by the stewards.” The pilot requested that dedicated crew members on behalf of the company wait for the passenger and take care of her after landing.

A lot of things are unclear about this case – because all the information about it comes from the same tweet and Delta Airlines has not issued any statement clarifying it and has so far not responded to media inquiries asking for its response, but Newsweek reported that a flight attendant named Ainsley Elizabeth claims she was on the flight , Said security personnel were called to the scene. In a private post she posted on Tiktok on Nov. 13, she claimed: “This woman had a furless cat, covered in a blanket and he really looked like a baby. Her shirt was up and she was trying to hide the cat. The cat was screaming and howling non-stop.”

She noted that the security personnel who met her at the airport made it clear to her that she should not do it again. “I do not want to think about what she does at home, if she does such things in public,” she said.

It should be noted that of course there is no law that prevents mothers from breastfeeding babies on the flight and Delta Airlines also allows this, but it is likely that this policy does not apply to breastfeeding animals. In addition, Delta allows certain animals to be flown in, but they must remain inside their cage, with the door closed at all stages of nature. Most airlines in the world have recently tightened guidelines for flying with “animals for mental and emotional support”, following a string of cases in which passengers were required to fly with animals such as peacocks, ferrets, horses, ducks and snakes. Delta Airlines no longer allows flying with a “mental support animal” after the U.S. Department of Transportation made it clear that only trained dogs are allowed to board the flight as service dogs that accompany passengers with special needs.

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