Azerbaijan: A new and glorious mikveh is currently being built in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan

A new and magnificent mikveh is currently being built in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.
A few days ago, Rabbi Marc Schneier met with the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, and at the meeting it was agreed that the state would financially support the Jewish school in the country. Azerbaijan will also participate for the first time in the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Azerbaijan, where 96% of its citizens are Muslims, is a symbol of coexistence and tolerance.
The Jewish community enjoys a warm and sympathetic attitude from the government and the Azeri people.
A few months ago, the President of Azerbaijan and the government donated land to the Jewish community adjacent to the synagogue. Right in the center of Baku.

In collaboration with the Chabad community in Baku, led by Rabbi Shneur Segal together with a very well-known architect in Baku and the mikvah expert Rabbi Shmuel Levin, a magnificent structure was designed that will also fit into the architecture of the city of Baku.

Azerbaijan is home to about 30,000 Jews, most of whom live in the country’s capital, Baku.
The Jewish community operates an education campus where more than 200 children are educated in kindergartens, elementary schools and high schools. The synagogues are community centers and lively and active centers all week with prayers, Torah lessons, holidays and more.
The new mikvah will serve the Jewish community living in Azerbaijan and the many tourists who come to the city of Baku every year.

The Jewish community in Azerbaijan has always been received with warmth and love and recently the sea treatment is empowering.
These steps come after the official collaborations between Israel and Azerbaijan, some of which were recently published in the media.
The strategic importance of the two countries is understandable to most of the public.

The Jewish community in Baku lacks a sum of money to complete the project.
Link to donations for those who are interested:

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