This will shorten the queue at Ben Gurion Airport
After a long period in which it was not possible: the express check-in at Ben Gurion Airport returned (9.12) starting at eight in the morning.In the past, before Corona, anyone who checked in from home and did not have to hand over large luggage to the plane could skip the check-in stage at the counters and save quite a bit of precious time on the way to Duty Free.

But then came the virus and with it came quite a few guidelines and forms that need to be presented before the flight, to any destination in the world. As a result, anyone who flies, whether checked in advance or not, is required to stand in line and go through the counters of the ground attendants, to view all the required forms.

Now, as mentioned, Ben Gurion Airport has decided to put an end to this and anyone who does not need to deposit a suitcase or get a ticket, can reach area W which is in the departure hall on the 3rd floor (there is a large sign with the signal), to show the flight ticket and proceed straight to security check. All the forms required before the flight to the destination must now be presented at the boarding desk, just before boarding, as is the practice in most of the world.

Who can reach area W?

  1. Hand-held passengers only
  2. Passengers who have checked in at home and have a printed boarding pass or cell phone
  3. Anyone who knows that he meets all the conditions and has all the documents required to fly to his destination

It has recently been reported that the queues at Ben Gurion Airport have become longer than usual and the reason for this, among other things, is a shortage of manpower. The fact that some passengers will not have to stand in these queues now may ease and reduce congestion.

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