In the Maldives they broke the tourist record in one month
While most of the world has been dealing with a low number of tourists for two years compared to what they knew in the past (until 2019), it turns out that there are destinations where the number of visitors actually increased during this period.Thus, in the Maldives last November recorded the highest amount of tourists ever per month – with 144,725 arrivals. This figure joins the fact that as of last July, there are over 100,000 tourists who come to the place every month.

Despite the encouraging data from recent months, in 2021 over 1.1 million tourists have come to the island state since the beginning of the year, which is a decrease of 24 percent compared to 2019.

A typical image in the Maldives | Photo: smileimage9, Shutterstock

The largest market for tourists to the Maldives is India, with 22 percent of all tourists arriving at the destination. Russia makes up 17 percent of the total number of tourists to the island, and Germany, the United States, Spain and France are also high. Seychelles and Mauritius were defined as red.

Corona status in the Maldives It is excellent and the average number of patients is about 125 new patients every day (about half a million inhabitants). To enter Medalibi everyone should present a negative corona test done up to 96 hours before the flight.

Tali Yativ, CEO and owner of Spirit World Productions, which specializes in vacations to exotic destinations, said: “Towards the peak of the season in the Maldives and the closure of African countries, we have been experiencing tremendous demand for Maldives in the last two weeks. The direct flights to the Maldives for Hanukkah were full to capacity and so were the sought after and good hotels in the Maldives. Additionally “The Maldives is preparing to mark the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the tourism industry, in 2022, which is supposed to be celebrated as the golden year of tourism in the Maldives, so it is a magical time to go on holiday in the islands.”

Spirit offers direct flights to the Maldives this Passover, 11-18.4 | 18-25.4 | 25.4-2.5 as well as packages throughout the year in a variety of hotels at prices ranging from $ 2,500 per person per package including flights, 7 nights and transfers.

In a recently published report, the countries with the most drastic number of tourists were presented: the list is led by the Czech Republic with a decrease of 94 percent compared to 2019. Spain in second place with a decrease of 88.7 percent in the number of tourists compared to 2019, Slovakia with a decrease of 86.6, Latvia , Belgium and Finland with a decline of 86 percent.

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