A Michelin guide will also rate hotels
How will you know if the hotel is good enough to stay in during your vacation, one worth giving up, or a hotel that should be a special experience in itself? You can search for reviews online, ask family and friends, rely on social media – or you can simply turn to the ultimate hallmark of excellence – the Michelin Guide.The world’s most respected gastronomic guide, the Michelin Guide has been revealing the best and most recommended restaurants around the world for over a century, and now, as mentioned, it will also include a rating of hotels. In a statement on the company’s official website, the Michelin Guide said that the choice of hotels is made while maintaining the same standards by which the restaurants are selected. The rules of choice of restaurants and hotels are exactly the same, with the aim of “striving for excellence, promoting uniqueness and emphasizing local knowledge and the art of living”.

The Michelin Guide began with the villages created by brothers Andrew and Edward Michelin, founders of a tire manufacturing company of the same name. Out of a desire to encourage the French car industry, the brothers created a small red instruction book to get more drivers out on the road. The guide was full of useful information for travelers like popular maps and routes, information on repairing and replacing tires, points where you can refuel and details of places to eat or get shelter for the night.

“During all those times when we recommended places to eat, a Michelin guide also recommended accommodations. Accommodation was a basic part of the first guides – perhaps the most crucial component for those drivers who drive in the dark in an unfamiliar environment,” the company said. “Over the years, however, star ratings for fine food have taken up the bulk of the spotlight. The Michelin Guide has become the highest standard in world gastronomy. It now sets a new standard for hotels.”

Champs Elysees, Paris (Photo: Imagebank / Thinkstock)
The hotels will have to meet the standards of the restaurants, Paris | Photo: Imagebank / Thinkstock

So how will it work?

Together with Tablet Hotels, which was acquired in 2018, Michelin is committed to having the same selection process as its restaurants.

Hotel guests who book a room through tablet hotels, can share their feedback to help in the evaluation process of a Michelin guide. Based on the reviews, hotels can be removed from the guide if their ratings are not satisfactory. Michelin places an emphasis on the style, service and personality of the hotels, which helps travelers find the best places to stay regardless of price. The criteria include interior design, architecture, authenticity, quality of service and the significance of the hotel as an experiential destination in itself. Thus the system, according to Michelin, makes the recommendations “worthy of the trust of its users”.

While the selection of restaurants covers more than 35 destinations, the selection of hotels covers over 120 countries. The new guide will include every type of hotel you can imagine: from a hotel built entirely from recycled materials in New York to ancient accommodations. For adventure lovers. There will also be hotels located high in the treetops of Thailand or those overlooking the lava fields in Iceland.

“As we do for restaurateurs, we’re glad our rating will shine on the talent, expertise and personality of avid hoteliers who help make the world’s amazing destinations forever attractive,” said Lucy Lieberman, CEO of Tablet Hotel.

The hotels can be found through the official Michelin website and on mobile apps.

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