This is probably the most annoying passenger we’ve seen
Annoying passengers, who do what they want during the flight, this is nothing new. But it seems that precisely during the corona, in the last year and a half, when everyone is expected to follow the guidelines more than ever, this is the time when passengers are more disgusting than ever.The Instagram group passenger shaming, which aims to combat the phenomenon of disgusting passengers, posted a video a few days ago of a passenger who manages in ten seconds to do so many annoying things at the same time: he takes off his shoes, puts his bare feet in the air, talks or records loudly on his cell phone and more – Also do not put a mask properly.

The title of the video reads: “Let’s play a game: this is all the offenses this passenger commits. Get going.” The video drew quite a few angry reactions to the passenger’s behavior.

As mentioned, the flight attendants and air crews have had to deal with quite a few problematic passengers in recent times, with the issue of wearing masks being the one causing more problems than anything else. The U.S. Aviation Authority has already announced a zero-tolerance approach to non-compliant passengers and has begun imposing very heavy fines. Recently, the record for the highest fine imposed on a passenger was broken – $ 52,000.

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