The most expensive suites around the world
Royal Mansour – Marrakech, MoroccoHow much does it cost? The most expensive suite is: The Grand Riad, and price 39821$ per night, and this is the cheapest hotel on the list. According to the staff, this is Jessica Alba’s favorite hotel in Morocco.

Commissioned for special construction by King Muhammad VI, the Royal Mansour Hotel is built in the style of a Moroccan country, with over 1.5 acres of exotic gardens and 53 riads – each with its own pool and staff. The suite area covers 1800 m2, and has spectacular views of the country and the distant Atlas Mountains. Here you will have your own private garden, 11 meter pool, huge roof terrace on two levels, one with tent lounge and dining area, billiard room, private elevator , Hammam, home theater, gym and servants on hand to cater to every whim.

Live Like Kings, Royal Mansour, Marrakech, Morocco | Photo: From the hotel’s website

The Morakra – Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, Maldives

How much does it cost? Accommodation in this exclusive room costs 50,000$ for one night.

From the outside it could have been another wonderful hotel in the Maldives, but the Conard Maldives Rangali Hotel has an addition that comes in the form of an underwater suite – the Muraka (meaning ‘coral’ in the local Maldivian language Dhivehi). Inaugurated in November 2018, the suite is built inside a bungalow that looks quite “normal” in appearance, but descending a flight of stairs or an elevator reveals a sunken space beneath the sea, a kind of inverted aquarium. Beyond staying with the fish, guests receive a personal chef who cooks all their meals, a private fitness trainer and an attached boat with a driver.


Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez, Cannes, France

How much does it cost? To live like the big stars you will have to say goodbye to 52,000$ per night.

Among the celebrities who have been here: Bruce Willis, Scarlett Johansson, Robert Pattinson, Eva Longoria, Diane Kruger and many more.

Located in Cannes, France, the Martinez Hotel is one of the most renowned resorts in the Cote d’Azur. Some of its exclusive features include guest access to a personal jacuzzi overlooking Cannes Bay, and stunning panoramic sea views from a private balcony. Guests also have king-size beds in each of the four bedrooms, a separate living and dining area, marble bathrooms and a Turkish bath.

Oakala Island, Fiji

How much does it cost? Price per night in The Hilltop Estate Suite, according to rumors, increases by 59,000$.

Hosted here: Ludcris, Oprah Winfrey, Al McPherson, Tony Hawk.

Fiji’s most exclusive resort consists of 25 stunning villas built on a private island in the quiet archipelago. Owned by Red Bull CEO Dietrich Machitz, Okala is all about coconut groves, sandy beaches, blue lagoons and green mountains. It may be a flight of over 10 hours from Israel, but apparently the kind of people staying here will arrive by private plane anyway (Okala has a runway The most expensive suite in the resort is located at the top of the island and is built like a small village with a 360 degree view of the island, three bedrooms and 11,000 square meters of private space.You will get here two swimming pools, lush tropical gardens, library With thatched roof, outdoor pavilions, private kitchen and personal staff including chef, driver and caretaker.

Palms Casino Resort Empathy Suite, Las Vegas

How much does it cost? The Empathy Suite in The Palms, Las Vegas, is the second most expensive hotel room in the world, and it reaches 98,000$ per night.

With a minimum stay of two nights, the suite is located on the top floors of the 40-story Palms Casino Resort, with views of the twinkling lights of the Las Vegas Strip.

With the suite you will have two master bedrooms, massage tables, a hanging Jacuzzi, a rest room in the salt and a private tour of the art collection and facilities all located in the suite rooms.

Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine, Saint Lucia

How much does it cost? All this pleasure will cost you “only” 173,000$!

And first place: The Lover’s Deep Luxury submarine in Saint Lucia wins the title of the most expensive hotel in the world and it offers a 5-star hotel in a luxurious submarine designed for an ultimate romantic experience, deep underwater. If you thought the Caribbean islands were beautiful off the coast or from a boat deck, just wait until you see what’s down there in depth: herds of fish, dolphins and the most amazing views of the coral are all underwater. The prestige does not end there, as the submarine includes a private captain, chef and servant. Guests also have access to helicopter transfers, beach landings and breakfasts with countless bottles of champagne. You can navigate in a submarine around the Caribbean at the request of the guests or change the cruise to suit your personal preferences.

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