High amount of in.flight violence following masks
Same story again: on the Instagram group passenger shaming video appeared yesterday showing two passengers on a domestic flight to Atlanta in the US cursing and even using violence following a quarrel over wearing a mask. Thus, one of the passengers (who is not wearing a mask herself) shouts at an elderly passenger who refuses to wear a mask inside the plane. The gods and the passenger hit the older passenger and even spit on him.Since the corona burst into our lives almost two years ago, the masks have also gone into a storm, with one of the places where they are most careful about it – being on flights. Recently, Dr. Anthony Pauchi, the White House Medical Adviser, said that there is still a need to continue wearing masks on flights and that we will probably do so even after the corona disappears. “And we have to do it.”

And although the procedure for wearing masks and being overly strict has been known for a long time, it seems that this continues to cause quite a few problems on flights. And here is a short list of unusual events that have only recently occurred: an Israeli passenger who refused to wear a mask caused the plane to make an emergency landing in Greece; A flight attendant who asked a passenger to wear a mask – was brutally attacked; Passengers refused to wear a mask and caused a commotion on the plane; Israeli passengers refused to wear masks because they had cracked kernels.

US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Note that the amount of fines distributed in the last two years has increased significantly, mainly due to the issue of wearing masks. Meanwhile, the authority decided to adopt a “zero tolerance” method and the fines were significantly increased in order to produce deterrence. Since February, more than 1,500 wayward passengers have received high fines from U.S. airlines.

For example, a passenger at Jet Blue recently received a $ 18,000 fine for rioting on a flight to Las Vegas after drinking alcohol against the instructions and refusing to wear a mask. Another passenger who refused to wear a mask and cursed Dale was fined $ 9,000 on a Frontier Airlines flight to Florida.

And how in Israel is this phenomenon treated? Most of the supervision work seems to fall on the flight attendants, who are often forced to wake up a number of times to the same passenger on a mask. Amir Yaakobi, chief flight attendant at Israir, describes: “From the beginning of the epidemic, we see that the public mostly understands the procedures and rules of conduct for flights in the Corona era. From time to time, we encounter passengers who do not cooperate in the implementation of flight procedures in this era.

“If a passenger insists not to wear a mask when boarding, the crew is allowed to remove it from the flight. If a passenger refuses to wear the mask during the flight and does not respond to repeated requests from the crew, police are invited to land both in Israel and abroad. The passenger receives an administrative fine of NIS 2,500 and is included in Israir’s list of those denied flights.

“In addition, if the incident happened during the flight from Ben Gurion Airport abroad, the passenger will have to find an alternative way to fly back home.”

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