The plane on which seating for children is prohibited
What is it that we all hate but do not openly criticize (except for some of us)? The answer is no doubt to sit next to crying babies on the plane. And yes, we know that for the most part it’s not really the baby or the parents.Still, to avoid the frustration that some passengers feel following a flight alongside babies, the low-cost company Scoot, a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, offers passengers the option to evade the situation completely.

Passengers flying with the airline can now upgrade their seats and settle in the machine area Scoot-in-Silence, Where children under the age of 12 are not allowed to settle. The price of the upgrade is only an additional $ 21, which is NIS 65. According to reports, the requested chairs are located between rows 21 and 25 and also have additional legroom.

The company’s website reads: “Fly quietly and peacefully when you book seats in the Scoot-in-Silence area located at the front of all our Dreamliner 787 aircraft. Comes with an adjustable headrest and you can order super and stretch seats (if possible)! “.

Scoot is considered one of the best low-cost carriers in the world, as this year it was ranked third in the category of low-cost flights by Tourism Magazine SKYTRAX. The company operates in more than 16 countries and 70 destinations across Europe, Asia and Australia. Currently, the company does not operate in Israel, but can be reached via transit flights, mainly to the Far East, at relatively reasonable prices.

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