A glimpse into the new and pampering resort that has opened in Mozambique

With a private beach for each of its 22 bungalows, an infinity pool, seven places to eat and fascinating attractions. The price? Not cheap at all. And also: the Austrian railway company is expanding and operating new routes that connect the important cities in Europe, and the airline that takes care of pampering its pilots even after the flight

Mozambique: An ecological, ethical and prestigious vacation

A new resort has opened in the marine nature reserve at the southern tip of the island of Benguerra, Mozambique. To protect the reserve, construction was carried out on Equal Sanctuary Without the use of heavy machinery and works, local weavers, carpenters and thatch components participated. Scattered throughout the site are 22 suites divided among a dozen bungalows some of which are located on the more serene bay side, others are sheltered by dunes on the Indian Ocean side.

Each bungalow has a private beach, a thin terrace, an infinity pool and an outdoor kitchen, with wooden floors covered with large rugs and colorful textiles that add warmth to the neutral design of the spacious rooms. The hotel also has a spa with local treatments, and seven places to eat and drink, all featuring traditional seafood and local produce, without the use of processed ingredients. You can spend the day snorkeling or scuba diving in the Zaruto archipelago, hiking in the blooming nature reserve, riding an electric mini-mook to even more secluded beaches, assisting scientists documenting local fish migration patterns and other activities.
Price: from 5,000 euros per night per couple; Minimum three nights.

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