Was in isolation for 189 days in 2021

Ma Jian, a pilot of the giant A380 aircraft of China Southern AirlinesChina Southern Airlines), spent a total of 189 days in quarantine during the year 2021. For this he received the local title “King of quarantine”.

The many closures that Ma Jian has made have stemmed from the strict instructions of the Chinese government that does not facilitate with its air crews and does not make discounts for them, this while it has carried cargo flights to various destinations in the world in the past year.

Aside from his 189 days of isolation, Ma Jian worked a total of 75 days in 2021, meaning that for every working day he went into more than 2.5 days of isolation.



China Southern Airlines, the largest airline in China and the fifth largest in the world, had to deal with the difficulty of continuing to work during the corona, as most of the company’s employees spent hundreds of days a year in isolation. Thus, quite a few pilots have passed about 300 days of isolation in two years, and there is also a flight attendant who has passed 310 days in the last two years, but none of them, as mentioned, reached the monstrous number of Ma Jian.

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