10 most photogenic spa complexes in the world
After the Omaricon conqueror took the world by storm during the winter holiday season, people continue to carefully plan their trips for the rest of 2022. Whether it is winter trips in the country, a flight abroad, a visit to hot springs, needless to say a good holiday is welcome after the last two years. Of a day, or a week at the spa, sounds more than perfect right now.A recent survey by LuxuryHotel.com, a UK luxury travel site, revealed the list of the most photogenic spa sites in the world, according to Instagram users. Some are in cold and snowy countries, while others are in warm and sunny countries, but they all share one important thing – pampering at the highest level you can ask for. Here are the 10 most photogenic spa complexes in the world, which have won the most Ashtags on the social network.

10. Ojai Valley Inn, California, United States

Number of Ashtags: 22,910

The Ojai Valley Inn’s spa welcomes guests with warm, exotic rooms, featuring a variety of massages and treatments. A long list of fitness, body and mind classes is available as well. In addition to the two pools at the spa, the resort offers a large, outdoor family swimming pool with food and beverage service.

9. Aqua Dome, Austria

The number of hashtags: 23,727

In the heart of the Austel Valley in the Tyrolean region of Austria, lies AQUA DOME, a spa hotel featuring spacious indoor and outdoor pools, 14 different saunas and a whole world of treatments. Tyrol’s largest spa boasts three futuristic floating bowl pools, each offering its own special highlight: whether you prefer the invigorating massage bowl, the soothing sulfur bowl or the salt bowl with underwater music and light effects, you will find the premise That you are looking for right here.

8. Thermes Gellért, Hungary

The number of hashtags: 24,469

The baths, built in 1918 and expanded in 1927, are housed in a hotel of the same name, the Gellert Hotel, but have their own side entrance. In fact, these baths already existed before the hotel was built. The spa is famous for its magnificent main hall, with its gallery and glass roof, built in the Art Nouveau style. During your experience, you can enjoy a jacuzzi and an outdoor pool with artificial waves. The thermal baths are decorated with Art Nouveau furniture, artistic mosaics and sculptures.

7. The Twelve Apostles, South Africa

The number of hashtags: 26,212

The spa at The Twelve Apostles allows you to recharge and relax in a peaceful atmosphere. Guests have access to the best facilities, from an Arab Rasul room to a buoyancy tank. The spa is one of the three “leading spas in South Africa”, where you can pamper yourself in a luxurious environment and enjoy excellent service, generous hospitality and fine cuisine.

6. Amangiri, Utah, United States

The number of hashtags: 28,638

One of the most visually striking hotels in the United States, Amangiri blends into its remote setting in the Utah Desert with its low silhouette and earthy palette. Nature occupies the center of the stage, both in architecture and design (from the spacious suites, guests can overlook the view through the panoramic windows, or they can open them to enjoy indoor and outdoor life) as well as the activities here (hiking). To relax, guests are invited to visit the 2,300-square-foot spa, or take a dip in the desert lagoon-like main pool.

5. Shoreditch House, London

The number of hashtags: 44,163

The fact that guests here have full access to the Shoreditch House facilities, is the real attraction. Two restaurants, a games room, lounges, a gym, a sauna and a pampering spa and the highlight – a rooftop pool with a view of the London skyline. The Library Bar often hosts live DJs and bands in the evenings and there are also regular movie screenings. Be sure to book any Cowshed Spa treatment well in advance, as it is extremely popular.

4. La Mamounia, Morocco

The number of hashtags: 51,972

This oasis in the middle of Marrakech is a luxury at its best. From the massages, to the three-course lunch, the spoiled cocktails and the massive pools – you can really not ask for more from La Mamonia’s spa. This five-star institution has long been considered one of the most glorious in the world. Since its opening in 1929, it has been loved by the rich and famous who have stayed there and enjoyed all the pampering facilities of the place, including the hammam.

3. Thermes Széchenyi, Hungary

The number of hashtags: 57,436

Szczecin Baths has 15 swimming pools, 3 large outside and 12 small inside the complex. In these indoor complexes you will find various saunas and massage rooms. The most impressive pools are those that are outside, with the water in them standing at a temperature of 37 degrees. When it’s frozen and snowing outside, the experience even intensifies (getting out of the water is also memorable).

2. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The number of hashtags: 109,917

The famous healing waters of the Blue Lagoon and the atmosphere from another world have made this mystical geothermal spa one of the most popular attractions of Iceland. The beautiful blue-milky water is unlike anything else found on Earth, and they stand in stark contrast to the surrounding black lava fields and creeping gray moss. The temperature of the water is 39 degrees throughout the year, making the lagoon the perfect bathing temperature.

1. Ayana Resort, Bali, Indonesia

Number of Ashtags: 132,009

The AYANA Resort and Spa is known for its hot sunsets at its cliff bar. The resort also has an impressive 30-meter pool, perched on a cliff facing the ocean, a hydrotherapy pool with panoramic views, and a 60s-style beach club with cocktails with umbrellas. Because of the sheer size of the resort it is very easy to get lost in it. But luckily, there are maps to help guests make their way to the spectacular Thermes Marins Bali spa, perched on a cliff top with its mesmerizing ocean views. The complex has a heavenly hydromassage pool with sea water, and treatment booths located on the rocky coastal cliffs. In addition, there are also 12 ponds, all of which have a different character, from ocean views to lush tropical vegetation.

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