The casinos in Bucharest are closed at night
Bucharest has in recent years become a favorite destination for casino lovers, especially in the winter. Now that the local government has decided to close all attractions starting at 10pm, including the casinos, hundreds have canceled the holiday they booked. “The hard core we see every winter has not arrived”

Hundreds of Israelis have canceled their vacations to Romania in the past two weeks, not because of rising morbidity there, but because of the local government’s decision to impose restrictions on casinos and places of entertainment to be closed at night until morning.

The decision on nocturnal restrictions was imposed as stated by the Romanian authorities due to a very large increase in the number of patients at Omicron. Thus, from ten at night until six in the morning, all entertainment centers in the country are closed including casinos, restaurants, bars, malls, clubs and more. By disrupting the plans of Israelis who usually come in the winter in large groups to “casino tourism”. Many of them have now decided to stay in the country until the restrictions are lifted.

Ilan Arkon, an Israeli living in Romania and owner of travel and tourism companies, explains: “Israelis like casinos mainly at night and therefore less come here. The new restrictions cause Israelis to recalculate their route. “Usually. In terms of morbidity, many districts in the country are painted red and people do not leave the houses in the evening due to restrictions. There will be no closure. This is my impression that Romania is alive with tourists and it will hurt its revenue.”

“I and a group of dozens of friends usually fly to Romania in the winter to gamble in the casinos. Sit every evening until the morning and enjoy. Now the casino is closed at night, in addition to the fact that there are a lot of Corona patients so we canceled the flight,” Nahum noted. “There is no point in flying in this situation. We will wait for the restrictions to be lifted and re-book flights and hotels.”

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