Due to safety risk concerns: Airlines have canceled their flights to the US

British Airways, the Emirates and other airlines have canceled their flights to the US amid fears that the launch of the new 5G network near airports will damage their navigation systems.

The communications company Verizon and AT&T planned today to launch the new 5G service comprehensively with 4,500 antennas to be operated across the US. The facilities that help measure the altitude of the aircraft above ground and are considered essential for landings in poor visibility conditions.The main concern concerned Boeing 777 aircraft.

As a result, American airlines have threatened to cancel thousands of flights if the network operates near airports. Last night the two companies announced that they would delay the operation of 500 antennas near 88 airports across the US in order to resolve the dispute, despite claiming that the network is safe and has been used in other countries around the world.

But a number of foreign airlines have decided they do not want to take the risk. British Airways announced today that it is canceling flights to Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. “Safety is a priority for us,” it said. “We are monitoring the situation and will continue to review our flight schedule in the coming hours.”

The Emirates company has delayed flights to many destinations, including Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, San Francisco and Seattle, as well as Air India, Japanese ANA, Japan Airlines and Corian Air have decided to cancel or delay flights. “This is one of the most irresponsible and criminal situations I have seen in my career,” said Emirates President Tim Clark angrily.

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