American airlines flight “Abnormal” incident: took off the mask to drink
For almost two years now, everyone who has flown around the world has had to wear a mask on the plane. This situation, although already known and known, causes quite a few problems in which the flight crew has to deal with passengers refusing to wear a mask and causing many delays, which has also led to many cases of violence and an increase in the amount of fines for passengers.About two weeks ago, the opposite happened, in which a passenger who flew on the American airline Southwest Airlines, on a domestic flight from Washington to Palm Beach Florida, claims that she was thrown from the plane unjustly because she was wearing a mask.

In a complaint she filed with the Eastern New York District Court, the 67-year-old passenger notes that on Jan. 7, before takeoff, she asked one of the flight attendants for a bottle of water after not feeling well. She said after taking off the mask to drink, the flight attendant scolded her and demanded that she put the mask back on.

According to the passenger, the explanations that she was not feeling well and that she wanted to drink water did not help, and after some deliberation she was thrown from the plane and taken to the airport police for treatment.

In the written statement of claim, the passenger accuses the airline of abusive conduct. In addition, she claimed that the airline told her that she would receive a full refund on her flight ticket, which has not happened yet. Now, as mentioned, it is suing the airline for a total of $ 10 million.

The airline stated that they have nothing to report at this stage, as the case is still in the initial stages in court, and that they are still investigating the details of the case.

US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Note that the amount of fines distributed in the last two years has increased significantly, mainly due to the issue of wearing masks. Meanwhile, the authority decided to adopt a “zero tolerance” method and the fines were significantly increased in order to produce deterrence. Since February, more than 1,500 wayward passengers have received high fines from U.S. airlines.

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