Israelis rioted over a flight – the squadron decided to return to New York
Many recent flights to Israel are not full, many seats, including in the business classes and the first are vacant • On a United flight departing from New York to Israel, a couple of Israelis decided to upgrade themselves, without the airline’s approval • When asked to sit in their designated places. On its tracks

On a United flight departing from New York this morning (Friday) back to Israel, two passengers went on a rampage after the flight crew asked them to present proof that they were sitting in the right places. Following the commotion, the squadron informed the passengers that they were retracing their steps and returning to the United States.

Roi Lotan, who was on the flight, said that it happened: “We landed back in New York, after we left for Israel. After an hour and a half, some commotion started on the plane between two passengers and flight attendants.

According to Lotan, at this point the Israelis began to riot, “a riot started and the captain asked to return the flight, so we returned to New York and were evacuated from the plane.” He explained that due to the corona “it was a half-empty flight and there was room so they probably said to themselves ‘why not come’, these are two Israelis.”

United Airlines stated that “flight safety and passengers are above all and including the company is not tolerant of any inappropriate behavior.”

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