Flights, Israel: “Demand is starting to feel like in 2019”
The easing of flights abroad that started on 1.3, along with the decline in morbidity and Passover that is just around the corner have led to an increase in demand for holidays and the numbers are starting to remind us of the good old days of 2019, before the corona burst into our lives.”With the decline of the fifth wave and the abolition of the obligation to check Corona back to Israel, we are seeing a jump in the volume of holiday bookings abroad of more than 100 percent compared to the volume of holiday bookings in January,” says Oz Gur, CEO of holiday finder. “If we compare this current period in the year, to 2019 before the outbreak of the epidemic, although we have not yet reached the amount of orders then but we are not far from it. We expect that in March 2022 the amount of orders will overtake that of 2019.”

Another interesting statistic that Gore points out is that currently about 36 percent of all bookings are made by families, which was not the case here for about two years, since unvaccinated children were required to be isolated, which also changed this week. As we get closer to Passover at travel agencies expect the number to only go up.

Nir Mazor also, The VP of Aviation Relations notes that “we are seeing a vigilant demand for bookings, due to the cancellation of entry guidelines into the country. There is already a 20 percent increase in orders and we expect another increase that will lead to demand like in the good old days, in 2019, before the outbreak of the plague. In addition, an online record was broken yesterday. ”

Where is everyone flying to?

Tali Noy, VP of Marketing and Sales at Issta, can be seen in high demand, especially in Greece, Cyprus, the USA, Thailand, Seychelles and European capitals. “We also see quite a few bookings for cruise vacations departing from Barcelona and Haifa. We feel like 2019 and customers want to close now before the price changes and goes up.”

“The destinations that are emerging as popular destinations in the near future are London, Madrid, Dubai and a surprising destination – Lapland,” says Nir Mazor, “In addition, ahead of Passover and summer, we are seeing an increase in bookings for family trips to Thailand, the United States and destinations in classical and Eastern Europe, including Sicily and the Greek islands.”

Beach of Thailand (Photo: Aleksandar Todorovic, shutterstock)
Even Thailand has become accessible | Photo: Aleksandar Todorovic, shutterstock

Holiday Finder notes that because this year Passover comes out in mid-April, the weather is more comfortable – an increase in bookings can be seen for Mediterranean basin destinations such as the Greek islands, Cyprus and Antalya. These destinations join the classic destinations that the Israeli audience loves such as: Budapest, Rome, Athens, Berlin, London. “It is interesting to see that the new destinations that are starring this year and have not been optional at all so far are Dubai and Abu Avi,” says Oz Gur. “For those looking for a longer holiday in a destination far away for Passover this year – Phuket in Thailand and the Seychelles, are destinations that are high in bookings with us.”

How do you reduce costs?

The high demand for vacations and the rise in fuel prices are causing the prices of flights to rise to a level we did not know. Hila Hermolin Ronen, VP of Marketing and Sales at Israir, says that “the prices of vacation packages have risen by 30-40 percent from two months ago.”

‘ Nir Mazur.

Passengers with luggage in the router"C (Photo: Flash 90, Flash / 90)
Want to cut costs? Flexibility is the name of the game | Photo: Flash 90, Flash / 90

“There is a lot of talk about rising vacation prices, but just like in any field – here too, if the consumer is flexible in destinations and dates he will be able to find significantly cheaper vacations,” says Oz Gur, CEO of holiday finder. The date can lower the price of the vacation by tens of percent. Thus, vacations for 3 days to a destination in classical Europe, for less than $ 400 per person. ”

Tali Noy, VP of Marketing and Sales at Ista, Adds: “We feel that customers want to close now before the price changes and rises. We recommend customers to book a vacation now, consult with a travel agent who will give the best answer and provide information about the cancellation, changes and refunds options. We experienced. ”

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