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Traveling with children is exhausting. Even more so with teenagers going through puberty. say many parents. Because they offer a great program for the four- and seven-year-olds. Nevertheless, they find the day stupid because they ended up buying the wrong ice cream. And fifteen-year-olds don’t feel like doing anything anyway, as a matter of principle.

Traveling with children and young people is therefore exhausting because children and young people are exhausting, according to the unanimous opinion of the parents. However, they have this opinion exclusively for themselves. Because if you asked the offspring, the picture would be different. Just a thought: Maybe the family vacation is exhausting mainly because of the parents?

You sit on top of each other in a three-room apartment all year round, made worse by one or the other corona quarantine. Of course everyone has the need: We have to get out! And what are the parents doing? Lock the family in a van or tent. Which feels like everyone at home is in the bathroom at the same time.

And who is it who doesn’t know what to do with himself during the holidays? But not the children who chat, chill or play games and are at peace with themselves. But the parents who turn into someone on vacation who they are not. At home they would never think of visiting a church. During the city trip, however, it absolutely has to be three in one morning. At home there’s pasta with sauce every other day because it’s quick and everyone likes it. On holiday, what the travel guide praises as a local specialty is served instead. Regardless of whether the locals would recognize the dish as such and what it consists of.

Legal guardians, otherwise passionate drivers, suddenly discover their soft spot for bike tours or even mountaineering. Day in and day out you just shouldn’t get on their nerves, now they always want to do everything together. In short: parents become unpredictable when it comes to their children. Also, they tend to dress sloppily when they become tourists. If it gets really bad, they even start doing what they otherwise have no time for, namely raising their children. But the little ones would be the strenuous ones!

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