This is what happens at the highest waterfall in Asia that is visited by crowds of tourists


Embarrassing photos were recently revealed in China: a climber who was hiking in the Yuntai Mountain Reserve, in Henan Province, from which flows the highest waterfall in China and in Asia in general, at a height of 314 meters, discovered that a pipe had been set up that flows artificial water into the waterfall.

Following the photo, the park staff had to admit that they had added a man-made water outlet, in order to overcome the periods when the waterfall that attracts millions of tourists was drier. In a letter sent by the management, it is stated that the pipeline helps with “a small improvement during the dry season”.



In China, starting in 2022, they are dealing with a severe drought and with a decrease of about 7 percent below the average level of the 10 years before 2021-2012.

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